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collaborative placemaking shaped by yarn
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Tomographies are images made from multiple sections. Normally used in scientific visualisation, we take this idea of multiple perspective and apply it to an exploratory project that enables collaborative work to occur across distance. During this time of limited connections, this project asks our local Galashiels  community and local University to engage in collaborative making to celebrate their place.

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Community Arts through Contemporary Craft

Knitting, along with other handmaking practices, is a significant practice used not only as a craft and design, but as a means for therapy, socialising, and overall hand-eye engagement. It is therefore a key action and practice that bridges a variety of disciplines, purposes, and forms. In collaboration with Energise Gala this project explores the act of knitting as a collaborative participatory art design practice that enables a new way of understanding place, memory, and collaboration to create a new type of town model.

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Collaborative Knitting & Mapping 

This project proposes a series of collective ‘pairings’ between students/alumni of the School of Textiles and Design and local members of the community. These pairings would endeavour to take a traditional town model and apply the idea of multiple crafted perspectives into a knitted/constructed map of Galashiels. Taking inspiration from the panelled format of the Great Tapestry of Scotland, the map will be constructed from over twenty fabricated square sections representing a distributed mosaic of fabricated ideas, memories and places of the town. The collaborative pairings will through conversation and knitting creating this abstracted ‘map’ of the town.


Making Place, Together

This project is funded by the Energise Galashiels Trust through the Placemaking Initiative of the Scottish Government. It is further supported by a Resilient Learning Communities grant of Heriot-Watt University | School of Textiles and Design

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