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Christie Wilson
May 16, 2021
In Narratives and Memories
My dad was given Laidlaw & Fairgrieve Newsletters from someone else who worked in the Galashiels/Selkirk mills. Quite interesting reads and a little bit of local history.
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Christie Wilson
Apr 03, 2021
In Narratives and Memories
I walk past this board almost daily. There are a couple around the town along with the Galashiels town trail.( I like the connection between Gala Water, the mill buildings (or remains of them) and our textile heritage that continues through Heriot Watt.
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Christie Wilson
Mar 31, 2021
In Narratives and Memories
Something that always amazes me is how connected the town is by the surrounding countryside. I took a detour back from my family home at the weekend and a mile outside of Galashiels I was literally stopped in my tracks! I have an idea of using local fleece to incorporate it to the final panel. Inspired by Galashiels but also from Galashiels/Scottish Borders.
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Christie Wilson
Mar 20, 2021
In Narratives and Memories
I’d like to share a photo that I found online from the mid-80s and compare it to a photo I took yesterday. I love links from the past connecting to the here and now - the residential area is named after the mill that holds a lot of memories to some people in Galashiels and the wider area. The shapes of the mill buildings inspire me as well as the different layers that we see in the Galashiels landscape. My own memory (apart from living in the building now) is of this door. A floating doorway that stood on the corner of the site.... (First photo - Second photo - my own Third photo - File:A door to nowhere - - 1375072.jpg)
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Christie Wilson

Christie Wilson

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