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Helen Houston
Apr 14, 2021
In Narratives and Memories
Gala = an old Scots word meaning water Water = a small river, larger than a burn but smaller than a main river, a small river that is a tributary to a larger river. Shiel = settlement, (sheilings = temporary living quarters for summer pastures) GalaWater = River River Galashiels = Settlement on the river
Helen Houston
Apr 04, 2021
In Narratives and Memories
This ledger was recovered from a skip in Gala. It is a students notes as they learn the trade of weave design dated 1922/23. Although I cannot read German I can read this ledger as we share the common language of weaving. It is one of my cherished items to do with weaving. Weaving kept me in Gala after I graduated from SCOT. I stayed on campus and worked for ScotWeave (original name 'Scottish College of Textiles Weave Simulation Package', bit of a mouthful!) The concept invented by Les Miller a weave lecturer at SCOT in the early days of computer graphics (1980). ScotWeave is CAD/CAM for all aspects for the international weave industry. When Les finally retired he gave me his lecturer notes dated from 1968 And here is a page from my college weave notes, and occasionally I still refer to them. (My green and yellow notation is the same as Les's note number 8) Dots and crosses of weave notation and colour and weave effects are a big part of my working life, so I have started to explore these in terms of knitting for this project. Weaving runs deep in Gala. Another weave item that I was given is this Shepherds Plaid. A traditional blanket that shepherds used out on the hill to keep themselves warm. This is also the pattern that is used for the Braw Lad. Initials have been stitches into this one which remind me of the shepherd's marks on sheep.
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Helen Houston

Helen Houston

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